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Laura Eck over at Web Courses Bangkok interviewed me recently to talk about user experience design, user research, user testing and all that stuff I do during my day job. It was fun, and a fairly comprehensive discussion.

She asked some great questions; hopefully the answers I gave did them justice!

Which methods do you use to make UX design decisions?
There are lots of activities that influence and inform my design of a web site or application. They can generally be divided into two camps: quantitative methods, and qualitative methods.

Quantitative methods include things like anonymous web analytics or data from multiple-choice surveys.

Qualitative methods refer to feedback that has come through customer support, comments made by a subject during a user testing session, or notes from a contextual inquiry session.

Read the full interview: Interview with Matthew Magain at Web Courses Bangkok

P.S. Try saying “I’m big in Bangkok” three times fast without going red in the face.