About Matthew Magain

Matthew MagainMatthew Magain has over 15 years experience helping people create exceptional digital experiences.

With an Associate Diploma in Graphic Design (Grenadi School of Design) and a Masters Degree in Engineering (University of Adelaide), the online environment truly is the perfect medium for Useractive founder Matthew Magain to combine his creative and technical backgrounds.

He’s worked on multi-million dollar software projects for corporations, built websites for bootstrapped startups, designed mobile apps with multiple integration points, and everything in between. These experiences have all shaped his opinion that the critical factors for a project to succeed are mutual trust, respect, and collaboration.

In 2011, Matthew overcame a childhood fear of public speaking by delivering the keynote presentation to 3,000 people at the Microsoft Tech•Ed conference (watch the presentation).

Over the years, Matthew has left pieces of himself scattered all over the web. You can chase them down using the following links:

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